My Approach

The first question I usually get asked is whether I have a methodology. Of course I do. Every brand strategist has one and mine is called Brand DNA. It’s a result of 25 years of working with brands but it’s just a process. And like everybody’s else’s it’s simply a different variation of the same thing. I’ll happily take you through it but it’s less important than my philosophy.

My job is to turn business plans into brand strategies that help my clients reach their commercial objectives. I’ve done this for some of the most famous brands in the world but also new ones too, many of whom are backed by private equity.

I believe that brands are one of the world’s most effective and important influencers of human behaviour, and that they come with responsibility. I also think that work should be enjoyable and like to collaborate with like-minded people who are positive and open-minded. Life’s too short to waste it with negative people.

I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the finest commercial minds, many of them entrepreneurs. These are people who are curious and adventurous with a healthy disregard for convention and willing to take calculated risks and use their instincts. But I also use that experience to help the less adventurous too, by enabling them to remove some of the fear that holds them back and to create and manage their own impactful brand strategies.

If that sounds like you, get in touch.


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