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A little bit of background

I’m a half English half Singaporean reformed ad man and ex-agency MD who now advises SMEs on brand and business strategy. Confused? Me too.

I have lived or worked in London, Singapore, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei, Nigeria and can now the be found in the beautiful Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. I have advised brands, businesses, politicians and governments around the world on communication strategies and have significant experience working with ethical and sustainable businesses. 

I am now a partner at GHW&Co, a management consultancy that advises SMEs on growth, marketing and business development strategies. I also used to run HMKD, specialising in communication strategies designed to encourage sustainable and ethical behaviour. 

I have always believed that it is possible to be both profitable and conscientious and have advised brands, businesses and individuals on how to achieve both. The world stands at an important crossroads. We all need to do our bit to protect it for future generations and our fellow inhabitants.

I write the occasional blog post covering a mix of branding, ethical and political issues but also life in general. This includes the challenge of coming to terms with the death of one of our children and managing (or not) the grief. These posts are an honest account of my experience as a bereaved parent*. Some are quite gritty but hold, I hope, an underlying message that it is possible to pick yourself up and keep going even when something awful happens and everything feels pointless.

Why the baboon? I met one in a hotel room in Kenya many years ago, wearing just a towel. Me, not the baboon. I’ll tell you about it over a beer.

(*If you’re looking for the journal of my son’s story you can find it at