The Great Self-Delusion of the Ad Industry

The ad industry likes to tell itself that people want to be ‘engaged’ by brands. It provides a fluffy sheen of meaningfulness to the art of selling things that we know nobody actually needs. But it’s not true. Continue Reading →

The trouble with ethical

Simply putting the word ‘ethical’ in front of your job title can radically change perceptions, and often for the worse. Continue Reading →

Plan A, an Orang-Utan and Sustainability

Marketers and ad agencies often overplay the sustainability card. It might be well meant but it causes more problems than it solves and requires a more balanced approach. Continue Reading →

From Consumer to Citizen: How Brands and Ad Agencies Can Help to Change the World

Tell me I’m a consumer and I’ll consume. Tell me I’m a citizen and I can help make the world a better place. Continue Reading →

Gross National Happiness, Anyone?

As a measure of national worth, GDP is becoming increasingly inadequate. Gross National Happiness might not yet be a credible alternative, but it’s a worthy idea. Continue Reading →

Brands Should be Leading the Sustainability Agenda

Brands are amongst the most powerful influencers of human behaviour. We should embrace and work with them to encourage sustainability. Continue Reading →

Innocent No More?

Coca Cola has now taken a 90%+ stake in Innocent Drinks. The cynic in me says that it’s game over for the brand’s authenticity, but could I be wrong? I hope so. Continue Reading →

Clearcast’s Sodastream Lunacy

Unless it is a covert humanitarian protest against Sodastream’s decision to put its global HQ in an illegally occupied Jewish colony in Palestine, by banning the company’s latest ad Clearcast just put two fingers up to creativity, competition and sustainability.

Continue Reading →

Re-Assessing Growth

Instead of obsessing about growth, we should be using this recession to re-evaluate it and change the relationship between business and society. Continue Reading →