Tobacco – should we lighten up on plain packs?

I support most of the restrictions placed upon the tobacco industry. However, I’m not so sure about plain packaging, which could be counter-productive and risks setting a dangerous precedent. It’s an emotionally charged subject, involving preventable disease, suffering and death, but we shouldn’t indulge political correctness at the expense of common sense. Continue Reading →


The Remembrance Day Poppy is an important symbol but we should be free to choose whether to wear one or not.  Continue Reading →

Easy Access to Online Pornography is a Generational Time Bomb

I’m no prude but the ease with which kids can access online pornography is a breeding ground for misogyny and a dereliction of our duty to show our children the value of love and respect in an increasingly sexualised world. Continue Reading →

Re-Assessing Growth

Instead of obsessing about growth, we should be using this recession to re-evaluate it and change the relationship between business and society. Continue Reading →

Big Society or Just a Good Community?

The idea behind the Big Society is sound, but it’s been executed very poorly. Continue Reading →

Politics and The Facebook Generation

Too many young people are disengaged from the political process, but it’s not their fault. We must do more to engage them before it’s too late, and an entire generation becomes dangerously disenfranchised. Continue Reading →