Sorry. I was a bit angry.

It’s almost a year since I last wrote about the challenges of returning to work after my son died. As always, I hope that what follows is helpful for anyone else on a similar journey and friends who just want to know how life is. Continue Reading →

The perils of balancing grief, social media and work

Grief and social media are a volatile mix. It can also be dangerous for your career, especially if you have a sense of humour like mine. However, if it helps break taboos and show others, especially dads, that it is possible to live, work and laugh again after losing a child, a social media habit is a risk I’m happy to take. Continue Reading →

Going Back

On February 26th we finally returned to the Evelina to meet Edward’s medical team to discuss why he died and ask any questions about his treatment. Continue Reading →

Back To Work

When is the right time to return to work after the death of a child? I still don’t know the answer but there’s really only one way to find out. It’s time to give it a go. Continue Reading →

I Beg Your F***ing Pardon?

People often say the strangest things to bereaved parents. Here’s my list of some of the best/worst I’ve heard so far. It’s a rude cathartic rant with plenty of gratuitous language, so please skip it if you’re easily offended.

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There can be no ifs, buts or maybes after the death of a child. Acceptance is the only way forward.  Continue Reading →

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Little Hearts Matter

At Edward’s funeral we asked mourners not to send flowers and instead make a donation to Little Hearts Matter, a small charity that provides support to the families of children affected by HLHS.

So far, including Gift Aid, we have managed to raise over £15,000 and I cannot tell you how grateful we are. The fund is still open, so if you have been touched by Edward’s story and want to help make a difference to other children like him, please consider making a contribution. If we had £1 for every time his blog has been read, we would have raised over £100,000.

100 Days

My four year old son, Edward, died exactly 100 days ago, at 5.28am in his mother’s and my arms.  Continue Reading →

Grief: An Insider’s Guide to Sadness, Humour and Love

A few days ago I made a tongue in cheek tweet about my grief that received a mixed reaction. Continue Reading →

Edward Wheatley 31/03/09 – 28/07/13

I am sorry to say that, despite the bravest of fights, our 4 year old son, Edward, passed away on Sunday, 28 July. Thank you so much for your love and support.