Taxation needs a makeover

It’s our attitude to tax – of both HMRC and the tax payer – that needs to change. Continue Reading →

Suicidal Ad Campaigns

The furore over Hyundai’s latest car ad is understandable, and it’s not the first time the automotive industry has featured suicide as a selling point. It might be the last though. Continue Reading →

Innocent No More?

Coca Cola has now taken a 90%+ stake in Innocent Drinks. The cynic in me says that it’s game over for the brand’s authenticity, but could I be wrong? I hope so. Continue Reading →

How to Market Your Brand Locally

I frequently advise brands on how to adapt their national communication strategies to fit local audiences. Here’s 5 quick and easy tips if you’re looking to localise yours. Continue Reading →

Clearcast’s Sodastream Lunacy

Unless it is a covert humanitarian protest against Sodastream’s decision to put its global HQ in an illegally occupied Jewish colony in Palestine, by banning the company’s latest ad Clearcast just put two fingers up to creativity, competition and sustainability.

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The pub – a local institution that needs protecting

Local pubs are true heroes of local communities, but they are closing down at an alarming rate. Localised brand strategies could play a huge role in their survival.
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Brands Are National, But Customers Are Local

Brands should embrace localisation, but they’re too obsessed with ‘the big idea’.  Continue Reading →