The ad industry’s obsession with data is killing creativity

The ad industry’s obsession with process and data is killing creativity. You can’t create difference if you rely on the conformity of process and the safety of data.
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Brand engagement – the great self-delusion of the ad industry

The ad industry likes to tell us that people want to be ‘engaged’ by brands. Some even want equate brand engagement with a form of love. Witness Exhibit 1a, Saatchi & Saatchi’s Love Marks. Pass the sick bag. It’s bullshit. A fluffy sheen of faux meaningfulness to help sell things that nobody actually needs.  Continue Reading →

Marketers, milk is NEVER sexy.

Let’s get this straight. Milk is not, and never will be, sexy, no matter how you try to brand it. Continue Reading →

From Consumer to Citizen: How Brands and Ad Agencies Can Help to Change the World

Tell me I’m a consumer and I’ll consume. Tell me I’m a citizen and I can help make the world a better place. Continue Reading →

Politicians, brands and the missing link

Both brands and politicians are heavily dependent on the art of communication and audience engagement. So why are brands brilliant at both whilst politicians are often so shit? Continue Reading →

Tobacco – should we lighten up on plain packs?

I support most of the restrictions placed upon the tobacco industry. However, I’m not so sure about plain packaging, which could be counter-productive and risks setting a dangerous precedent. It’s an emotionally charged subject, involving preventable disease, suffering and death, but we shouldn’t indulge political correctness at the expense of common sense. Continue Reading →

Brands Should be Leading the Sustainability Agenda

Brands are amongst the most powerful influencers of human behaviour. We should embrace and work with them to encourage sustainability. Continue Reading →

Taxation needs a re-brand

It’s our attitude to tax – of both HMRC and the tax payer – that needs to change. Continue Reading →

Suicidal Ad Campaigns

The furore over Hyundai’s latest car ad is understandable, and it’s not the first time the automotive industry has featured suicide as a selling point. It might be the last though. Continue Reading →

Innocent No More?

Coca Cola has now taken a 90%+ stake in Innocent Drinks. The cynic in me says that it’s game over for the brand’s authenticity, but could I be wrong? I hope so. Continue Reading →