Creativity. Whereabouts unknown.

The ad industry’s obsession with process and data is killing creativity. You can’t create difference if you rely on the conformity of process and the perceived safety of data.
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The Great Self-Delusion of the Ad Industry

The ad industry likes to tell itself that people want to be ‘engaged’ by brands. It provides a fluffy sheen of meaningfulness to the art of selling things that we know nobody actually needs. But it’s not true. Continue Reading →

The trouble with ethical

Simply putting the word ‘ethical’ in front of your job title can radically change perceptions, and often for the worse. Continue Reading →

FFS Adidas, please don’t encourage them.

Adidas’ latest ad has got everything it needs to spread a message of respect and tolerance in a cool edgy package. Yet somehow it ends up encouraging the contempt it tries to ridicule.  Continue Reading →

Plan A, an Orang-Utan and Sustainability

Marketers and ad agencies often overplay the sustainability card. It might be well meant but it causes more problems than it solves and requires a more balanced approach. Continue Reading →

Milk is NEVER sexy.

Milk is not, and never will be, sexy, no matter how you try to brand it. Continue Reading →

Branded Philanthropy

Brands could do a lot more to convince us that they really care. Generosity and profitability don’t have to be mutually exclusive and the results could change the lives of millions of people around the world. Continue Reading →

Nice ad, John Lewis, but you’ve stolen Christmas

Once again, John Lewis has come out trumps with its Christmas ad, but it’s just another example of a brand commoditising and devaluing one of the most meaningful times of the year.
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It’s Time to Spread a Little Love

In a world blighted by conflict and anger it’s easy to wonder where love is but, if you want it and you look for it, you will find it.

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From Consumer to Citizen: How Brands and Ad Agencies Can Help to Change the World

Tell me I’m a consumer and I’ll consume. Tell me I’m a citizen and I can help make the world a better place. Continue Reading →